UI/UX Design

Why to learn UI/UX design? 

The concept of UI/UX  design has broken the stereotype that designers should be artists and have good artistic taste. The UI/UX design is applied for development of websites, mobile applications and other platforms.

The UI/UX design includes the following features:

1․ Logic and structure – It solves the problem of user-friendliness

2․ Appearance – it increases the visual attractiveness of the product.

Every company wants to have UI/UX designer to ensure the success of the product. 

About the course 

The UX & UI Design course teaches the basics and industry standard tools of design. Tigran Sargsyan, the trainer will provide an accelerated course to UI/UX design.  

Training Duration
24 lessons x 2 hours
Training Cost
74,000 AMD
Recommended Background
Some knowledge of Photoshop

The program  of the course is presented.The language of instruction is Armenian.

The training course is organized in collaboration with Enterprise Incubator Foundation and Armenian National Polytechnic University.