Why ReactJS?

What is React JS?

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, created and open-sourced by Facebook.

Why should I learn React, instead of other well-known JavaScript frameworks (i.e., Ember.js and AngularJS)?

The architecture of these frameworks is based on the MVC pattern, which largely focuses on separating the application logic from the view. Instead of completely separating the application logic from the view, React couples the logic and view into one file, using something called the component-based architecture, which allows the composition of these components.

What is unique in React?  

  1. It’s just the “V”
    MVC is a pattern, created for small, talking systems of the 80s. Why bother with the M and the C when they have no use on the web?
  2. It’s easier to reason about.
    State is the root of all bugs in modern application development. By using Virtual DOM, React completely removes the need for State from any application, making everything easier to reason about. And if you absolutely need state in your application, you can use Redux or a different library, completely focused on State, such as Cycle.js.

Where can I use React?

React has a broad penetration across the industry (Instagram, Netflix, Paypal, Apple, Yahoo and many more). Apple creates an autonomous car using React while Netflix produces an original series, based on React’s history.

What about potential employers?

Everybody is talking about ReactJS. If you want to get hired quickly, you need to learn something, that is spreading crazily and there is high demand. Bingo, that’s what ReactJS is.