What problems exist in the field of telecommunications?

You want to participate in the Telecommunications Hackathon, organized in partnership with the innovative telecommunications operator Beeline Armenia but do not know what solution to develop. We present a few problems, existing in telecommunications, for which you can develop innovative solutions:  

1․ Improvement of self-service - there will be no need to spend time, waiting for an answer of the call center. The service will be convenient for different age groups. It will be possible to solve all kind of issues related to the telephone and internet connection through the system.

2․ Opportunity to use Sim card for online purchases - It will be possible to make online payments and buy online, having certain amount of money on the Sim card.  

3․ Possibility to buy Sim card online - There will be no need to go to the service center. 

4․ Messenger bot - Facebook account will be used more efficiently to serve clients. 

5․ Application for the elderly to learn how to use the internet or various functions of smart phones - The phones and other devices will be used more efficiently. 

6․ Possibility to test new products and services - It will be possible to test a new product or service before its launch and improve it based on customers' feedback. 

7․ New approaches to clients' service - New shops, additional services, new products to be sold in shops 

For more information on problems and interesting data come to the information session at 19:00 tomorrow, October 11.