Our students – good employees/Paruyr Mamikonyan

We continue the series of interviews with our students, who have passed various training sessions in programming and are currently employed by IT companies in Armenia.

Paruyr Mamikonyan has passed training courses ‘Programming Fundamentals’ and ‘Web Programming’ and is currently employed by Questrade Armenia.

1․ How did you come to Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC)?

Before learning programming, I have worked as a system administrator but wanted to change my qualification and was looking for a place where I could upgrade my skills very quickly. I learned about Microsoft Innovation Center from the Internet. I asked my friends, who recommended me to participate. At the Center I participated in the ‘Programming Fundamentals’ and ‘Web development’ courses.

2․ What impact did the MIC training sessions have? 

I would like to thank particularly Aghasi Lorsabyan, who presented programming fundamentals in a very good and understandable manner. Besides, I made good connections in the IT sphere, which partially guarantees success in this field. Work experience and practical skills play an important role in programming, and without deep theoretical knowledge practical skills can not be strong. At MIC you will greatly gain theoretical knowledge. In addition to the knowledge and efficient teaching, I would like to highlight the creative and enthusiastic team of the Center. I will never forget that MIC staff has made a huge surprise with a cake and champagne on my birthday. 

3․ After MIC training courses were you able to work as a practical developer?

Even more, I found a job at Questrade Armenia, one of the best IT companies in Armenia, while participating in the ‘Web development’ course.

4․ How did you find a job? 

MIC also has its input in my employment. During the course ‘Web development’ one of the students, who was already working at Questrade, suggested me participate in the interview, as the company was also interested in hiring a starter developer. I participated in the interview and after a few day I received the work offer.

As the interest towards programming is very high and a lot of people, who have different professions: accountant, economist, teacher, journalist, want to change their fields, we have developed a special course “Programming Fundamentals for beginners,’ which can be the first step in the field. After this course one can learn any programming language. Due to the high popularity we are offering this course 2- 3 times a month. Call us at (010) 545 343;  (099) 545 343, (041) 545 343 and register for the upcoming one.

The training course is organized in collaboration with Enterprise Incubator Foundation and Armenian National Polytechnic University.