Our students – good employees/David Karapetyan

We are starting a new series of interviews with our students, who have passed various training sessions in programming and are currently employed by IT companies in Armenia.

Davit Karapetyan has passed training course on ASP.Net and is currently employed by Sourcio CJSC.

1․ How did you come to Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC)?
I saw a Facebook announcement about an interesting training course and job opportunity in a well-known company. So I decided to apply. In the result, I took the training course on ASP.NET. 

2․ What impact did the MIC training sessions have? 
The training courses are organized in a very interesting way at MIC. I had two-year experience but there wasn’t a day when I got bored, as I always learnt new things during the course. Besides ,I expanded my professional network and got acquainted with  various people. One of MIC’s peculiarities is that they offer courses also to the experienced developers. Besides, I know many cases, when students of MIC, who are still new in the field, have found a better job than those who have 1-2 year experience and it is only due to the practical skills, gained and reputation and network of the Center.

3․ After MIC training courses were you able to work as a practical developer?
As I mentioned, the training course in which I participated had a specific program, designed for a specific company but I think even if you are just a starter, after the course you will have enough skills to be qualified for the ‘Entry level.’ At MIC I gained practical skills, which help me a lot during my work.

4․How did you find a job? 
The job at Sourcio found me. I highly recommend everyone to get registered at LinkedIn. MIC is well-known among employers and has gained their trust during these years. The atmosphere at the center is warm and friendly, and the learning process is interesting, and in the result, the job opportunities are guaranteed.

We are offering training courses both for starters and practical developers, which are enriched with practical tasks. The curriculum developed by our trainers proved to be efficient  in terms of developing practical skills in the programming languages, highly demanded by the market.

Not sure which level you are or from which course to start, it is not a problem. Call us at (010) 545 343;  (099) 545 343, (041) 545 343 and arrange a meeting. We will help you to choose the most efficient course for you.

The training course is organized in collaboration with Enterprise Incubator Foundation and Armenian National Polytechnic University.