Our students – good employees/Ashot Israelyan

We continue the series of interviews with our students, who have passed various training sessions in programming and are currently employed by IT companies in Armenia.

Ashot Israelyan passed training courses ‘Web Programming’ and is currently employed by Peyotto.

1․ How did you come to Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC)?

I knew about courses, delivered by MIC from friends. For a long time I wanted to take one but because of the work and other courses I was postponing. Last summer they were starting a new course, I had free time and decided to participate. I passed the course ‘Web development’, delivered by Vahe Shadunts at Microsoft Innovation Center and learnt HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery etc.

2․ What impact did the MIC training sessions have?

MIC taught me the most important thing that each developer should know. I understood the concept of programming and started to think as a programmer. When you reach that stage, you can easily learn  anything you need. There is a lot of information on the internet, one just needs to find, read and understand.

3․ After MIC training courses were you able to work as a practical developer?

After the course by MIC it took a while to learn new things related to that specific job and find one.It would have been impossible without strong background.  job.

4․ How did you find a job? 

After MIC course I learnt Drupal, as I wanted to transfer from Front end web development to Back end and work in that direction, that’s why I decided to change my job. I found a new opportunity at Peyotto Technologies.

5․ Would you recommend to participate in MIC course? 

Before coming to MIC I always hears that one should know mathematics perfectly to become a developer. I have education in the humanities and was far from mathematics.  MIC breaks the stereotypes. It doesn’t matter what kind of education or skills you have. If you want to become a programmer, you will and MIC will help you. ։


As the interest towards programming is very high and a lot of people, who have different professions: accountant, economist, teacher, journalist, want to change their fields, we have developed a special course “Programming Fundamentals for beginners,’ which can be the first step in the field. After this course one can learn any programming language. Due to the high popularity we are offering this course 2- 3 times a month. Call us at (010) 545 343;  (099) 545 343, (041) 545 343 and register for the upcoming one.The training course is organized in collaboration with Enterprise Incubator Foundation and Armenian National Polytechnic University.