Learn the logic of programming, not the specific language

The success stories of our students are various. Every month more than 50 students complete their study at MIC and start their careers, as developers in various IT companies. Vache Aslanyan studied at MIC in 2016 and now works as a developer. 

1․ How did you come to Microsoft Innovation Center?

I just came back from the army service and started my Master's degree at the Polytechnic University. One day I heard that Microsoft innovation Center starts a new project and will prepare specialists, who will later develop various technological solutions within teams. I decided to take my chance and applied. To tell the truth, I didn't think that I would be selected. I passed the test, then the interview and started attending the intensive courses. 

2. What impact did the courses have?

At that moment I had zero knowledge. I learnt the logic of programming, not the programming language. The trainers were highly professional, we passed separate courses on C# and front-end web development. Each of the trainers had his own method of explaining the same topic. They all were very eager to help and teach, regardless the language they were specialized in. The courses lasted 3-4 months, and I started working practically on the projects. I was lucky and had the chance to work with two startups, which gave me a lot of experience. I learnt working within a team, which helped me later a lot. 

3․ What happened after MIC courses?

I found job. Now I work in the back-end team. Employers give importance to the knowledge of programming, not the specific language. The ability to work in a team is very important for them. I gained that skill in MIC as well. 

4․ Recommendation

I would recommend start learning programming from such a language, which requires more understanding. when you have to write codes not use the code, written by someone else. That's why my skills in JavaScript helped me a lot in learning C#. 

We are offering training courses both for starters and practical developers, which are enriched with practical tasks. The curriculum developed by our trainers proved to be efficient  in terms of developing practical skills in the programming languages, highly demanded by the market.

Not sure which level you are or from which course to start, it is not a problem. Call us at (010) 545 343;  (099) 545 343, (041) 545 343 and arrange a meeting. We will help you to choose the most efficient course for you.