Benefits of Coding Bootcamp with BetConstruct

You have passed certain training courses on C# or web development but …. You lack practical skills.

You want to start working on real projects in a good company but no one hires you… You lack practical skills.

You have sent your CV to more than 100 companies, but got only rejections … You lack practical skills.

BetConstruct is one of your favorite employers but you have not received employment offer from them ... You lack practical skills.


Apply for the coding bootcamp program

What is unique?

1. Front - end web development

Almost no IT company in Armenia offers a separate coding bootcamp for front-end web development. Actually, this is the first one, delivered by Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia as well. Those who know HTML, CSS and an intermediate level of JavaScript, apply!!! You will not get the second chance.

2. More hard work, more practice

Hard work will lead to improving your practical skills. You will work on assignments, enrich your knowledge and practice, practice, practice.

3. Scholarship opportunity

A good employee is worth a million and BetConstruct is looking for one. If you are a good applicant and potentially a million-worth employee BetConstruct will provide a scholarship for your studies at MIC.

4. Professional Development

Coding bootcamp offers wide range of intensive training courses: HTML, CSS, Javascipt, ReactJS or AngularJS for front-end web development and C#,  .NET Framework for back-end web development.

5. Remuneration based on skills

Upon the completion of the coding boot camp program smart participants will be offered job contracts and based on their achievements during the program their salaries will vary.

In the result...

Fill out the application below till November 20, pass an enrollment test and an interview and study and work hard.