9 months- From Programming Fundamentals to a Developer

We continue the series of interviews with our students, who have passed various training sessions in programming and are currently employed by IT companies in Armenia.

Armen Barkhudaryan started to learn programming from zero at our center and passed the following courses: Programming Fundamentals for Beginners, C#/Level 1, C#/OOP and coding bootcamp program. Armen currently works at Intel-Soll company as a developer.

1․ How did you come to Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC)?

I consider Digitec Expo the best event of the year and attend it every year. Last year MIC Armenia had a very attractive booth and I just couldn't pass it. I approached them and received very detailed and inspiring information about the center and IT field in general. Their approach and achievements encouraged me to come to MIC. 

2․ What impact did the MIC training sessions have?

At the beginning of the year, in February, I started with the course 'Programming Fundamentals for beginners' having zero knowledge and skills in this field. I just knew the potential of this field and started my learning path. Afterwards I attended the two-level course of C#, delivered by our trainer Artyom Tonoyan. I want to highlight Artyom's professionalism, as due to him now I have strong background in programming,which allowed me to pass two intensive coding bootcamp programs, run for Digitain and Praemium Armenia companies.

The training courses at MIC are more than just regular classes, as the teaching and learning processes are run in an environment, that enables you to learn from leading specialists of the field, participate in various seminars related to the field.  

3․ After MIC training courses were you able to work as a practical developer?

Without exaggeration I can say YES 

4․ How did you find a job? 

IT is one of those fields in Armenia where you can find a job without having any connections. In my case, one of my friends told me that there was a job vacancy for a developer in Intel-Soll company and I applied. Afterwards I passed the interview and now I work there.   

5․ Would you recommend to participate in MIC course? 

I just can tell one thing. I would recommend MIC Armenia to people, who want to gain professional skills and knowledge in Microsoft technologies, which will ensure sustainable career growth and financial stability.