5 Reasons to Participate in a Hackathon

What is Hackathon?

According to Wikipedia, a hackathon is ‘an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects. Occasionally, there is a hardware component as well. Hackathons typically last between a day and a week.’ When it says ‘collaborate intensively », it actually means ‘not sleeping for more than 24 hours.’

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia has been organizing Hackathon already for 5 years and based on the experience we have identified our 5 reasons to participate in a Hackathon.

1․ Meet People

Hackathons give you a great opportunity to talk to new people, so take advantage of it. Have you ever tried to go to a party alone, not knowing anyone? If you ever did, then going by yourself to a hackathon will be a piece of cake. Most of you will be a bit shy at the beginning, like for your first day in a new school. Start chatting, ask about their interests and ideas. It is a neutral place to network with active or future members of the high-tech community. You are given a golden opportunity to build a great network, so try to keep in touch at least by connecting with them on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. You might work together tomorrow or in 10 years. Who knows? But most important: don’t forget to have fun and make new friends!

2․ Work Under Pressure

It might seem paradoxical but hackathons usually host a very relax atmosphere while you build products under intense pressure, see the other teams progressing around you, don’t go as fast as you would like to, realize that some things are not realizable, and do all of this while you do not have a chance to have a rest. Prioritization is the key to succeed, and accepting other people’s opinion is crucial to the success of the team so leave your ego at home…

3․ Discover Something: Nobody Cares About Your Ego 

You might be used to work behind your computer, occasionally interrupted with skype calls. You might not be happy with the noise around you, or want to build the product your own way. Everyone wants to build something awesome, and who cares about you showing something that others already know.

The motto for hackathons could be ‘just do it.’ Follow that motto.

4․ An Amazing Place To Learn

So many things to do, and so little time. You will inevitably end up learning something, whether you want it or not. There are endless reasons why you will learn: you are trying to do something you have never done before, you want to do something faster than you are used to, the limited amount of time given pressures you, you ask around for help, or you simply look at what other participants are doing.

5․ Let Your Creativity Erupt

Hackathon is about originality, so bring your craziest ideas. Do not be afraid to share what’s on your mind.

Nobody wants to steal your idea, and talking with people might lead to a better idea (or you might realize that what you were thinking is actually not so good). Maybe you will hear about someone else’s project that really excites you. Be creative, be original.

If you made up your mind, fill out the application http://bit.ly/2c6CDzS by September 25, 2016.