From hope for cool work to real good work

Any visitor of our center has met Hayk Harutyunyan, one of our favorite students, who more lives at our center than just studies. If good mood, he even sometimes surprises us with his beat swings. In addition to learning, now he started working as a developer. If we look at his learning path, we can identify a few benchmarks: 

This learning path lasted 9 months, during which according to Hayk 'My mindset has completely changed. I just not only learnt programming but my mindset changed. In addition to programming at the center one learns a lot of things. I even learnt English, enriched my skills of working in teams and ability to learn. It is important for a programmer not only to have algorithmic thinking, good logic but also the ability to learn. It is what you learn at MIC.'

Currently Hayk works as a junior developer at Helpsystems. 'During job interview employers value not only knowledge of programming, but also personal skills, ability to work in team, because if there is no good team, the project will not succeed. While working with different teams at MIC, I developed practical programming skills but also communications skills, enriched my ability to allocate tasks and discuss them.'