Upstart – new start for best ideas

More than 75 applications have been submitted for the Upstart competition, open to startups which offer innovative solutions. Upstart is a joint initiative of the Institute of Innovative Technology and Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia to support start-up companies that are at the development stage and need investments of up to $250 thousand.

The applications cover various fields, from software solutions to hardware ones and solve problems in various sectors: health, telecommunication, trade etc. It is worth to mention that Upstart has raised huge interest among early-stage startups, as well as startups which have already developed the prototype or have attracted first clients.

Currently the applications are being reviewed by the organizers, and one-to-one meetings are scheduled with some applicants to learn about their products more in details. After the selection 15 startups will pass a three-day course, designed for them to improve their pitching skills and will present their products to 50+ local and foreign businessmen during the UpStart Pitching battle on October 29. The panel of judges will include VC fund representatives and professionals from the field of IT from different parts of the world. If you have not registered for the event, take the last chance The places are limited.