Web Programming Fundamentals_Evening Hours

Training Days
  • Monday
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  • Wednesday
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  • Friday
Training Duration
12 lessons x 2 hours
Training Hours
20:00 - 22:00
Starting Date
Wednesday, November 22
Training Cost
59,000 AMD /15% discount in case of referral to your classmate
Information Session
Monday, November 20, 20:00
Recommended Background
Computer literacy

Why to learn?  

For the past 2 years there has been a huge demand of web developers in Armenia. There are more 300 IT companies in Armenia, which employ at least 2-3 front end web developers each. Currently there are more than 10 vacant positions of web developers announced. It is really very easy to learn web programming and quickly get an internship opportunity in a software development company.  

About the course    

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia is starting a new training course 'Web Programming Fundamentals.' The course covers the skills and techniques, needed to create your first website and will introduce JavaScript, variables, functions, loops, objects and arrays.  We will start from the ground up by learning how to implement modern web pages with HTML and CSS. We get a thorough introduction to the most ubiquitous, popular, and incredibly powerful language of the web: JavaScript.

During the first two weeks we will learn the basics of HTML5, like valid document structure, which elements can be included inside other elements and which cannot, discuss the meaning and usefulness of HTML5 semantic tags and go over essential HTML5 tags. Later, we'll take you from the very basics of CSS3 to some fairly advanced concepts like floating and CSS rule conflict resolution. We'll go over the 'box model', background property, etc.

For the rest two weeks we are going to concentrate on learning the fundamentals of the JavaScript language. We’ll cover just about everything - from common language constructs and JavaScript types to objects, functions, arrays, closures, and scope isolation. In this module, we are going to take all those newly learned JavaScript language skills and learn how to utilize them within the context of a web page.  

The course will be delivered in Armenian. The program of the course is presented here. 

About the trainer

Vahagn Kharatyan has over 10 years of experience in web development. He has been working for MIC for 8 years and has trained more than 2500 students.   

What will I be able to do after the course?   

During the course you will start an individual project, which will be developed, modified and reviewed based on the lessons passed. After completing this course you will be able to build a portfolio site with your own CSS framework. You’ll also have the functionality in place to add future websites to your portfolio. 

How to apply?

 All those, wishing to participate should fill in the application form by 19 November. If you have questions, please call us at (041) 545 343, (099) 545 343, and we will be happy to answer your questions. As the number of participants is limited, the selection will be made on the ‘first come – first served’ basis.

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If you have questions, we are standing ready to help you. Please call us at (010) 545 343, (099) 545 343, (041) 545 343, and we will be happy to answer your questions.