Start Your Professional Career with VOLO

Starting Date
Monday, May 20, 2019
Application Deadline
Monday, May 13, 2019
Program Duration
5.5-6 months
Information Session
Tuesday, May 14, 17:00

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia in partnership with VOLO has created a unique internship program that will help you to think as a programmer, gain fundamental and practical knowledge on JavaScript, develop potential solutions in a collaborative environment, work on real-life projects, network with the industry experts and get an employment opportunity at VOLO company as a Junior JavaScript Developer. The Internship program with VOLO proved to be highly efficient, as more than 30 of our students have already joined VOLO team as Junior Developers and currently grown up to Mid-level positions.

About VOLO

Volo is a unique software development company with a focus on building synergistic relationships with its clients to help them meet new challenges with speed, confidence and agility. The company attributes its success to its stellar workforce, aiming to onboard professionals who share its values, are great team players, and abide by the principles of ongoing innovation, clean coding and agile workflows. Established in 2006 and headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia, Volo is poised to continue its steady growth with 7 development offices (which they refer to as kitchens) in Armenia and Ukraine.

What is a company-tailored coding bootcamp?

Intensive training courses, delivered by professionals at the creative premises of Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, sauced with great environment and super person-oriented culture. The training program is designed in cooperation with VOLO according to their company needs.

The training course will cover the following subjects:

  • Advanced HTML5 and CSS3;
  • Advanced JavaScript;
  • Angular JS
  • Real-life project development; (You will be able to leverage your practical coding skills by working on real projects as a team)

The training sessions of at least two-hour duration will be carried out 3-4 times per week. However, only hard work of at least 4 hours a day will lead you to success.

For more information on the program, come to the information session at 17։00 on May 14 (Tuesday).

More detailed program is presented.

Who can be the participant of coding bootcamp?

Smart and goal-oriented people, who

  • Are committed and want to grow with a cool team
  • Are 19-27 years old
  • Are in the 3th or final year of their studies. Specialization in technical science and mathematics is a plus
  • Have knowledge of advanced HTML, CSS and fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Are committed to develop programming skills and work on interesting solutions within one team
  • Have intermediate level of English.

What do we guarantee and why to participate? 

  • Excellent opportunity to enrich your practical programming skills
  • Excellent opportunity to work on real projects
  • Excellent opportunity to JOIN VOLO team, as a web developer and be ready to start professional career in an international company.

Meet your coding bootcamp trainer and technical lead/mentor 

Anna Lalazaryan is your trainer/technical lead/ with more than 6 years of experience. Now she is working at WICASTR as a Senior Cloud/Back end Developer.

How to participate in the coding bootcamp?

The participation in the internship program is highly competitive, and only 12-15 participants who pass the test and interview, will be involved. If you want to give a try, fill out the application from by May 13. All applicants will pass an enrollment test and an interview.

In case of questions,

1․ Come to our office with a prior arrangement and ask all your questions. 

2․ Come to the information session at 17։00 on May 14 (Tuesday) at MIC office.

Registration Form

How much is the tuition? 

The tuition for the whole program is 169,000 AMD. Great cash back opportunity 49,000 AMD back, if you are hired by Volo.

The program will start on May 20 and last 5․5-6․0 months