JS coding bootcamp

Starting Date
Monday, May 8, 2017
Application Deadline
Friday, April 28, 2017
Program Duration
Phase 1 – 6 weeks; Phase 2 – 8 weeks
Information Session
Friday, April 28, 17:00

Become a JS developer with VOLO?

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia and VOLO are announcing an internship program (coding boot-camp) to prepare junior JS full-stack developers, who will be ready to get employed and develop web solutions.

About VOLO

VOLO is one of the world’s leading innovation boutiques, which help enterprise-grade clients innovate faster using .NET technologies. To make this happen, VOLO hires only brilliant minds, not lots of warm bodies. Also they don’t hire big teams – they hire brilliant ones that are capable of delivering incredible ideas with excellence. And VOLO has a working culture that is dynamic and exciting as any in Silicon Valley.

What is an internship program?

Technical training program, delivered by MIC professionals that teaches the essentials of front-end and back end web development and enables students with very little coding proficiency to focus on the most important aspects of coding

Training courses will be on the following subjects:

  • JavaScript
  • Angular 2.0
  • EcmaScript 6

The training sessions will be carried out every working day at least 2 hours in the afternoon, which should be followed by at least 4 hours of individual work in order to succeed.

What are we looking for?

Smart and goal-oriented people, who are committed and believe they want to grow with an innovating team and become a full-stack developer with understanding of all composite parts of a web solution. We are looking for the following qualifications:

  • Last year bachelor students and/or graduates, specialized in technical science and mathematics (up to 27 years old)
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Commitment to develop programming skills and work on interesting solutions within one team
  • Intermediate level of English is a plus.

Applicants, who have participated in the April War in 2016 will be enrolled free of charge.

Why should you join the program?

  • Excellent opportunity to enrich your practical programming skills
  • Excellent opportunity to work on real projects
  • Excellent opportunity to JOIN VOLO cool team as a software developer and be ready to start professional career in an international milieu in one of the best IT companies

How to apply:

  • Fill out the application below till April 28, 2017
  • Pass an enrollment test and an interview
  • Study and work hard

Registration Form